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Our Favorite Games and Hobbies!


Magic The Gathering

From Archenemy to Standard we want to bring you the most events in the west valley. Giving players the option to play MTG in whatever format they prefer.

Pokèmon Trading Card Game

We have the best environment for learning, playing, and training all the Pokèmon Trainers in the valley. With events, packs and more!


ITS TIME TO DUEL!! Come and be apart of our growing community of Yu-Gi-Oh players and compete in the ultimate test to be the store champion!

Role Playing Games

DnD, Warhammer, Cyberpunk you name it, we want to play it! Come on in and join our TTRPG and Miniatures community and let's make it happen captain!

One Piece TCG

We are excited to welcome in the One Piece TCG with open arms, and cannot wait to sail with you in this epic card game to be KING OF THE PIRATES!

Flesh & Blood

Time to get your blitz deck together and battle with your friends and our staff in this TCG for all the marbles! We are excited to offer FAB and cannot wait to play with you!

Table Top Games

We at DDG think that Table Top Games are just as important, and we cannot wait to play a game with you in our free to play game spaces!

Video Games & Retro Gaming

We will have a selection of retro arcades titles, consoles, and other vintage games available to play while you wait! We can also help you build a Retro Gaming Machine for home!

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